Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces asks us to go very deep within for reflection & connection.

With Virgo season upon us (Pisces balanced Opposition) - this axis is reminding us the importance of details and systems (Virgo Energy), while Pisces reminds us of the importance of disconnecting from the whole to gather internally with love, care and compassion.

I have been feeling so strongly the need to find balance within my routines. How I chose to show up in the world each and every day and the energy I put behind all that I do. This has led me to filling my spirit with nice hot baths, activating work outs, journaling and reading. All very Virgo energy of strategizing routines, which isn’t always my common practice. With additional time and space for my routines I also realized I had more opportunities to recharge and reset (Pisces Energy).

With this additional space and time I have I’ve noticed not only how my routine has shifted but also my ability to listen to spirit, connect to my feelings & emotion, and to get better acquainted with myself.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune (Currently retrograde) and is all about internal connection, intuition, and feeling into what surrounds you. Pisces is such a beautiful dreamer and gives us an opportunity to expand our consciousness beyond what we see in the physical realm. Neptune is the planet of illusion so while tapping into those dreams it’s equally important to ground - Hence the beauty of Virgo/Pisces axis and how well they balance one another.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mutable energy is free flowing & in constant fluxation. As a water sign, Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and allows us to feel the energy of the collective consciousness as one individual.

Ask yourself under this Pisces influence:

What are your wildest dreams?

How do your dreams effect those around you?

How do you plan to go deeper into this dream?

What illusions surround you?

Are you grounded?

What messages is your emotional body sending you?

The Moon card in the tarot are associated with Pisces. This card activates intuition and creativity.

The Full Moon is a positive time to RELEASE. So use this energy to your advantage to surrender and make room for more of what you need to feel whole.

Positive traits: Receptive, Intuitive, Emotional, Imaginative, Romantic, Impressionable, Mystical, Adaptable and Mutable or Changeable.  

Negative Traits: Ungrounded, Instability, Delusional, In the clouds, Dissociative, Disconnected.

About Pisces:

Duality - Feminine

Element  - Water

Quality - Mutable

Ruling Planet - Neptune

Symbol- Two fishes

Mantra - “I believe“

Polarity - Virgo

Body Part - Feet