New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra asks us to establish balance in our lives and how we can create that balance through rest & action.

With the last Full Moon in fiery Aries and the present New Moon in air sign of Libra - This axis is telling us to find balance between the GOING and the BEING (See Aries Full Moon Blog post).

From the very beginning of October I've felt this need to truly honor REST. Allowing myself to BE and BE still. Embracing the change of the seasons and the energy within the air and the trees. Really listening to the intricacies of the beauty that surrounds me. Taking more time to embrace my lover, taking more time to embrace myself and all that is beautiful in this realm.

Libra the Venus ruled air sign is all about honoring beauty and balance. Where are you seeking balance in your life? Are you ready to use this energy to see what you can embrace more or less of? The New Moon in Virgo last month activated our routines and "adulting". The New Moon in Leo in August activated our inner child. Now Libra season might say, "Okay cute, we've embraced adulting and inner child work now where can we honor the energy with a sense of balance between these two energies.”

What does BALANCE mean to you with these two energies? Who do YOU want to show up as through the in between of play, rest & work? How does this interact with the energies of your loved ones (Venus)?

Allow this sense of balance to move through you... Try not to resist against the flow of this energy...

Libra is a Cardinal (self-starting) Air Sign. Cardinal energy is initiating. Libra deals with love, balance, and relating. Although this is the first sign of the zodiac that we begin to interact with the others RELATING can also deal with how we relate to ourselves and how that BALANCE of our own internal world interacts with OTHERS.

Ask yourself, what balance can I bring into my life to bring balance to others? Where does my energy feel dense/light and how can I find equality to these energies?

The Justice card in the tarot is associated with Libra.

New Moons are a positive time to MANIFEST. So use this energy to your advantage to find balance.

Positive Traits:  Artistic, Easygoing, Peacemaker, Beauty and Harmony, Diplomatic, Polished and Very Social.

Negative Traits - Aloof, Airy, Not Grounded, Self indulgent, Detached, Indecisive, Superficial.

Libra Facts    

September 23 - October 22

Duality - Masculine

Element - Air

Quality - Cardinal

Ruling Planet - Venus

Symbol - The Scales

Keyword - I Balance

Polarity - Aries

Part of the body ruled by - The lower back, buttocks and kidneys